What Makes A First Time Blog So Addictive That You Never Want To Miss One?

You know how people now a days are finding it hard to get by with the lack of job security, corporate down sizing, and high cost of living?

Well what I do is I help people start their full or part time business from their home so they can start taking care of them self and their family again.

I am not a millionaire, nor a prestiege collage graduate. I have not writen a best seller or earned a platinum record. I am an every day American that is teaching myself to change my mindset on how to live; how I earn my money; how I provide for my family.

This blog is for the individuals who want to have more than job security and want to begin to succeed in financial security. It is for those that want to be free and for those who choose to be their own boss. It’s to learn how to bring more income into your home while paying less out to Uncle Sam.

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“A nine to five for your working lifetime of 40-50 years is a long ass time”                                                             -Timothy Ferris


My fiance, Monique. Her son Jacob and myself, Joshua.