How to Take the Struggle out of Making Money Online

Think of something you really wanted to do. How did you approach doing it? My guess is that you found out how to do it, where to do it, how much it would cost to do it then went and did it. Or, you got the necessary money or experience and then did it, right? That’s exactly how to approach making money online.


How many teenagers do you know who can’t wait to be able to drive? I know it’s probably a bigger concern in some parts of the world than others. In many parts of the U.S., for example, you can get a permit to drive at age 16. In some states, they have to be accompanied by a licensed driver but in others, they don’t.

If a teen really wants to drive, they can take a driver education course. Many high schools have this as part of the curriculum. Then they can take a driving test at a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. If they pass, they get a permit or license.

How many teens do you think do this: They take a course in driver education, then take their test at the DMV, get their license/permit and then go home and spend the next six months looking at maps of their town, state, and country.

Then, for another year or so, they take courses in automotive maintenance at a technical school … maybe even learn how to do a tune-up and oil change.

Finally, 18 months later, they start the car, pull it out of driveway, and go for a drive.

That’s not how teenagers do it. They want to drive right now and they take the shortest possible route to getting their license and getting behind the wheel.

But that is how many people approach making money online. And they end up going “nowhere fast.”

Route to Online Success

To be quickly on your way to making money online, you only need to do a few things:

  1. Find a high-converting offer. (Here’s how.) MOBE has many of them, but so do other platforms, such as Udemy and Once you’ve settled on an offer you’d like to promote …
  2. Learn about paid advertising and why it’s the best way to go. There are several different methods, including solo ads, banner ads, and pay-per-click ads. Choose one form and learn how to do it.
  3. Use your chosen method of paid advertising to drive traffic to your offer and don’t take up any new learning until you achieve a consistent 30-50 clicks per day.

This last point is so important that I am going to repeat it: Don’t take up any new learning until you achieve a consistent 30-50 clicks per day.

This is where most new online marketers fail. They think that, being new and knowing very little; they have to learn everything right now. They get onto the lists of many different online marketing gurus. They read every email each expert sends them. They click on offers and buy new eBooks and courses that promise the “secrets” to making money online. Good, persuasive marketing makes them think they will fail if they don’t have these things.

But that’s not how you attain success as an affiliate marketer. The way is as simple as 1, 2, 3 (as outlined above).

Final Thought

MOBE has hundreds of high-quality courses and services that cover various aspects of online marketing. I could choose one or another and tell you all about it. I could tell you, “you’ll never really make the big bucks without so-and-so product.” So why don’t I?

It’s because in order to get started, you don’t need any of that. It’s so simple that people often don’t trust it: You only need to pick an offer, pick a traffic-driving method and start practicing it until you master it. At that point, the money is coming in and you can scale up your advertising, which will scale up your income and so on.


Joshua Baugus


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